2019 Extreme Boats fishing tournament

Tournament Date: 
Friday, 8 November, 2019 - Saturday, 9 November, 2019
2019 Extreme Boats fishing tournament
2019 Extreme Boats fishing tournament
2019 Extreme Boats fishing tournament sponsors


The countdown is on, and our office is packed with some awesome prizes!

Everyone that registered an email address on the entry form and will be entering catches for themselves or others, please visit the website https://extreme.fishingcomp.co.nz/

1. On your first visit to the website follow the instructions to have your password sent to your email inbox.

2. Return to the login section on the homepage, once logged in you can change your password under My Account if you’d prefer to do so.

Please note if you are already a DB Export NZ Fishing Comp member use your usual log-in email and password.

Any questions or problems please contact Michelle info@extremeboats.co.nz or 07 3086063.


Please enter the nominated email that will be used for log in purposes when entering your catch. Alternatively every angler can have a log in but will require a valid email.

Fee payable - $75 per person

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Angler 2
Angler 3
Angler 4
Angler 5
Child 1
Child 2
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