2016 1st Annual 'Extreme Boats Only' Tournament

Tournament Date: 
Thursday, 27 October, 2016 - Saturday, 29 October, 2016
2016 1st Annual 'Extreme Boats Only' Tournament

Hosted at: Mercury Bay Gamefishing Club, Whitianga – 28 & 29 October 2016

Entry fee: $65 per person (includes complimentary dinner on prizegiving night)

Briefing: 27 October 2016 @ 7.30pm

Fishing: Friday 28 & Saturday 29 October 2016

Use the online form to submit your entry to the tournament.

1. Start time

All boats entered into this tournament must depart after 6.00am Friday 28 October 2016. The tournament will operate from one base.

2. Registration

All entries must be received into Extreme by 14 October 2016 as numbers are limited.  Entry fees must be paid upon submission of entry.  Please email all entries to ‘admin@extremeboats.co.nz’ or use the online form below.  For any queries please call Extreme on (07) 308 6063.

3. Briefing

Briefing will be held at Mercury Bay Fishing Club on Thursday 27 October 2016 at 7.30pm.  The Skipper or a nominated “fishing” team member must attend the briefing.

4. Entry fees

Entry fee is $65 per person and this includes a complimentary meal at the prize giving – 29 October 2016.  Any proceeds from the tournament will be donated to Coastguard.  Entry fees can be deposited directly to the following bank account:  Extreme Boats (ANZ Bank) 06-0489-0151516-00.

5. Eligible species

Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally, Kahawai, Tuna and billfish.  In the interests of conservation, all billfish must be tagged and released only without removing them from the water.

6. Measuring of fish

  • All Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally and Kahawai will be measured by length rather than weighed
  • There is a limit of one weighed fish per species category, per angler, per day
  • All billfish to be tagged and released only – no billfish are to be weighed in
  • Measuring instructions will be provided to all anglers at the briefing

7. Prizes

Prizegiving will be held each night at 6.30pm at the Mercury Bay Fishing Club.  Any prizes not won will be either re–allocated, re-drawn or donated.

There will be approx. $30,000 worth of prizes up for grabs including the following:

  • Daily prizes for average/mystery length for snapper, kingfish, trevally and kahawai.
  • Overall prizes awarded for longest Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally and Kahawai
  • Overall prizes for Tuna and billfish
  • Overall lucky angler ‘draw’ prize
  • Daily spot prizes

8. Weather

In the event of bad weather Extreme Boats and/or Coastguard reserve the right to make one or more of the following decisions:

(a) postpone the start on any day
(b) cancel fishing on any day
(c) restrict the fishing area on any day
(d) postpone the tournament to another suitable date in the near future

Entry fees will be refunded if the tournament has to be cancelled.

Entry Form

Fee payable - $65 per person