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Colin Diggins - Extreme 610 Game King

A quick note to thank you for the workmanship on my new Extreme 610.  The finish and quality doesn't go unnoticed and is a credit to all involved.  Hope to visit one day. I have now done 20 hours and just had the first service. The boat is fantastic and even though I only have about six years experience with boats and this is only my second boat, all my mates have had many boats all their lives. These guys with experience in fibreglass and alloy are really impressed with this boat's capabilities, design and quality of workmanship.

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Matthew Jones Reviews Extreme 570 Game King

15 Mar 2011 Source: Author: Matthew Jones The Extreme 570 Game King was voted Best Aluminium Fishing Boat under 6m at the 2009 and 2010 Hutchwilco Boat Shows. We headed to Tauranga to experience one first-hand…

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Trailerboat Trials: Extreme 610 Game King

New Zealand Fishing News January 2011 - by Sam Mossman The 610 Game King is a goodlooking hull, solidly constructed, stable, well finished, with lots of practical design ideas and a good sea performer. The basics are all there – the 610 Game King would make an excellent fish and dive machine, definitely bluewater-capable, yet not so big and heavy that towing becomes a chore.

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New Zealand Fishing News April 2010 - Extreme 610 Centre Console


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Boating New Zealand Extreme 650 Game King HT

Extreme Boats’ new 650 Hardtop caught the eye of the judges at the 2010 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, and for good reason. "The original Game King 650 with its Scott Robson-designed hull was a Hutchwilco Boat Show winner in 2007, taking away the prize for Aluminium Fishing Boat of the Show, 6-7 metres.

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Trade A Boat - Extreme 570 Gutsy performer...

Winner of its class at last year's Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show, the new 570 Sport Fisher from Whakatane's Extreme Boats raises the ante in capable-yet-affordable entry level trailer boats. Trade-a Boat Article by Steve Raea. April 2008. (PDF, 1.98mb, Acrobat Required)

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FishNZ Trailerboat Trials - Extreme 840 Pontoon

"...When the hull is on plane, it rides on these chines, keeping the pontoons clear of the water and reducing water drag on the hull..."

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NZ Propeller - Extreme 650 - Taking it to the Extreme

In 2001 NZ Propeller editor Barry Thompson tested one of the first Extremes built by the original owners, the 620 Sportz Fisher, and had the following to say: "The builders have achieved a nice balance of fishing functionality and stylish flowing lines, taking away that serious 'blokes' look from what is still a serious fishing boat." A couple of years later, with new owners and a new direction, it's a builder to watch. Freddy Foote went to experience the Extreme 635.

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Trailerboat Fisherman - Extreme 665 Hard Top

"The Extreme boating range is a continuation of the New Zealand tradition of building boats that can take on serious bluewater conditions...The Extreme range is going to cater well for the recreational boater and serious fisherman with its emphasis on strength..." "If you want a boat that will stand up to the elements when you are doing some serious offshore fishing, then the Extreme 665 might be just what you are looking for." Read the full article from Trailerboat Fisherman

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New Zealand Fishing News - 650HT

"...Glenn and I launched the 650HT in the Whakatane River, and after a photo shoot in the entrance, ran out to Whale Island...In a short speed trial in the lee of Whale Island, the engine delivered 33 knots (61kph) at 5000rpm..."

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