Peter McGregor - Extreme 700 Game King

When Jennie and I made the decision to purchase a new boat we had a set criteria and a budget to work with. I have owned quite a few glass boats over the years this time Jennie wanted an aluminum hull as we would be launching the boat into the ocean from the beach at Opito Bay plus their would be dive tanks, fishing gear etc. and if the Gel coat got chipped I would be impossible to live with.

After a lot of talking I agreed to look for an Aluminum Boat that would meet our requirements. I attend all the boat shows and I couldn't remember seeing anything that stood out and said buy me. I did a lot of driving to different boat yards and talked to various people but wasn't any further ahead.

One day I was in Whakatane and I had a copy of the Propeller magazine on the passenger seat. I picked it up and saw an Advert for Extreme Boats so I decided to give the owner a call. It didn't take me long to realize Glenn was an old Squash acquaintance we talked about the boats and Glen invited me to the factory to take a look at the operation. As I was driving there I felt that it must be fate. Here was someone I knew and trusted and he was building the very product I wanted to buy. When I arrived Glen showed me the operation and we organized a boat test for the following week. Jennie and I kept our appointment and were very impressed with the 700 Hardtop that Glen took us out in. We made the decision to buy and placed our order.

The great thing was that as the boat was being built I was able to see the progress. It is good to see what goes into your boat. As progress was made on the build of the hull I kept adding extras like Vibra stop and up rated the motor to a 225hp Mercury Optimax. These boats are like a blank canvas. You make them your own.

Jennie and I have now owned our boat for 2 and bit years. It is brilliant. Handles rough sea easily and is an amazing fishing platform. The flooding keel keeps her rock solid in the water. The Opti is an economical troller and has awesome performance. Last Xmas we had 11 Adults plus two Kayaks on the boat for a day trip to the Mercs. On the way back it was rough but the boat didn't flinch and everybody stayed dry .The Boat gives you that feeling of security which I guess is important for your passengers.

If I ever decide to change it will be to Glenn's new larger offering, the 700 Game King which I understand is now the flagship of the Extreme range.

Peter McGregor