Peter Faulkner - 540 Sport Fisher

Due to a slight "driveway" issue, I was in the position of having to reluctantly sell my much loved boat after nine years of faithful service. 

After fairly extensive research, including much time spent at the boat ramp, the Extreme 540 was identified and purchased direct from the Extreme Boats factory at Whakatane.  From a purchaser's perspective, Shane and the team at Extreme Boats did a fantastic job making the whole process straightforward and simple.  The little extras, like the Extreme tee and life jackets were unexpected and a nice touch.

Being a reluctant seller of my old boat, I fully expected to be working hard to find favour from the 540 - however, this was far from the truth. Whilst slightly smaller than the previous boat, there's no compromise with the 540 - it rides better, has a similar deck area for fishing from, and with the 90 Merc 4-stroke on the back, it goes like a cut cat. 

All up, more than happy with the whole process and the end result!

Peter Faulkner