Colin Diggins - Extreme 610 Game King

A quick note to thank you for the workmanship on my new Extreme 610.  The finish and quality doesn't go unnoticed and is a credit to all involved.  Hope to visit one day.

I have now done 20 hours and just had the first service.

The boat is fantastic and even though I only have about six years experience with boats and this is only my second boat, all my mates have had many boats all their lives.

These guys with experience in fibreglass and alloy are really impressed with this boat's capabilities, design and quality of workmanship.

I believe you will see a lot more sales over here [Australia] in future years as we all think nothing else comes close and the good news is spreading fast.

Colin Diggins

Colin Diggins pictured with Peter from Inverloch Marine and the 610 Game King