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Boating NZ review January 2016 - 950 Game King

Midnight Express is the most recent addition to the Wave Dancer fleet of charter vessels operating in and around the Hauraki Gulf.   An Extreme 950 Game King, Midnight Express is the second Extreme aluminium boat to join the franchise, complementing a walk-around 850 Game King centre cabin model.  The Extremes replaced a pair of GRP Rayglass 2800s that were a familiar sight out on the Gulf; one Rayglass remains in the Wave Dancer fleet.

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Peter Faulkner - 540 Sport Fisher

Due to a slight "driveway" issue, I was in the position of having to reluctantly sell my much loved boat after nine years of faithful service.  After fairly extensive research, including much time spent at the boat ramp, the Extreme 540 was identified and purchased direct from the Extreme Boats factory at Whakatane.  From a purchaser's perspective, Shane and the team at Extreme Boats did a fantastic job making the whole process straightforward and simple.  The little extras, like the Extreme tee and life jackets were unexpected and a nice touch.

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Trailerboat Fisherman - 570 Game King

While Australian boat brands seem to have only just discovered the appeal of enclosed hardtop boats, the Kiwis have been doing this style of boat for years.  And one hardtop brand that really stands out from across the Tassie is Extreme Boats.  It's a multi-awarded boat brand in New Zealand and comes with a great reputation for both build quality and ride. 

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Trailerboat Fisherman - 850 Game King

Kiwi fishing boats continue to make their way into Australia.  The 850 Game King from New Zealand's Extreme Boats is just one example.   At this year's Melbourne Boat Show we got to look over an Extreme Boats 850 Game King.  Extreme Boats (NZ) is yet another Kiwi aluminium boat manufacturer to make its way over the ditch and this candy red example was the drawcard for Victorian dealer, Inverloch Marine.   For the rest of the article, click here.  

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Simon Thompson - Extreme 700 Game King

Upon deciding on the purchase of a new family boat, much analysis was done to see what would best suit our needs.  We decided to purchase an Extreme 700 Profisher.  Throughout the build the team at Extreme and Rodney Marine were absolutely fantastic to deal with and on completion we have been blown away with the finish and attention to detail.  Our new boat is everything we wanted and more.  We would not hesitate to recommend Extreme Boats to anyone looking at a new purchase.   The Thompson Family

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Boating New Zealand - 500 Sport Fisher

First time buyers will love the new Extreme Sport Fisher 500: the smallest fish from the pond of the Whakatane alloy boatbuilder.  

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Trailerboat Fisherman - 540 Sport Fisher

With a practical fishing interior and water-ballast this Kiwi cuddy is ready for some serious angler action. The term Extreme conjures up the image of someone pushing the limits at the top of a mountain, or surfing the face of a giant Hawaii wave.  However, it's a pretty good moniker for all those people who coastal fish in New Zealand! 

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Victoria & Tasmania Fishing & Boating Monthly review May 2014 - 610 Game King

As the Extreme 610 Game King slipped off the tandem trailer and into the drink at the main Inverloch boat ramp, it occured to me that this 6.1m of red and metallic awesomeness looked damn near indestructible. In fact, if it wasn't for the bright red colour, this ruggedly impressive vessel wouldn't have looked out of place with an anti-aircraft gun either side and a machine gun turret on top! 

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Victoria & Tasmania Fishing & Boating Monthly review April 2014 - 700 Game King

If there's one thing I know about the Kiwis it's that they take their outdoor recreation very seriously. They are a nation of devoted fishers and hunters and they demand only the very highest quality and performance from their outdoor equipment - and that includes their boats.  And if they can't find what they need amongst the many offshore imports, they'll damn well build it themselves!  The range of Extreme aluminium boats are a shining example of good old Kiwi ingenuity.  

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Trade A Boat Boat Test of the Extreme 700 Profisher - January 2014

As 7m custom boats go, this one's pretty special.  Combining superb performance with a massive list of practical features, it's perfect for fishermen, divers and families.  With real X-factor, you'll want to take her home as soon as you step on board. 

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